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Baby Room 0-2 years


Baby Room from birth to 2 years

For babies we provide continuity of care with four regular staff members with an emphasis on emotional warmth and security. Young toddlers develop the social skills of turn-taking and sharing while learning through play and undertake creative activities daily.

There is a guaranteed ratio of 3 babies to 1 adult



Preschool Room Our Preschool Room has been designed to provide a safe, secure learning environment that reflects how young children play and explore with an accessible, exciting outdoor space for all age groups. 

Ducklings age 2 -3 years

The children come into the preschool room aged two and are known as Ducklings. There are designated keyworkers for this age group who nurture them and help them to adapt to the daily routines of the nursery. We help with toilet training when the family and child are ready to start, and a midday nap time is encouraged in snuggle snacks if required.

The Ratio at this age is 1 adult to 4 Ducklings


Ducks  are the children in the next cohort to start sholl in September

The same level of care is given to the children in this group, however, we start to get them more ‘school ready’. Starting with the prime areas - learning more independent skills such as toileting, hand washing, putting on their coats, lunchtime routines. The specific areas will include more advanced story and circle times and a basic introduction to rhyme, counting and the recognition that letters and words carry meaning, such as recognising their own name. 


Outside Area

We use the outside area every day giving the children the freedom to explore and learn. We have a solid surface area with playground markings which is excellent for ride on toys and a large grassed area ideal for the climbing frame and activities, At the far end there is a ‘Natural Area’ with mud kitchen and a digging area.

Summertime Nursery Thomas Hardye School Queens Avenue, Dorchester, DT1 2ET. 01305 257756

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